Wild Woman Circles

Join circle leader Holly McCormick, and women from your community, monthly to explore your inner Wild Woman. In circle we gather together to go inward through being seen, heard and supported, by one another and ourselves. Experience meditation, visualizations, journaling, sharing, intention setting and chocolate with a sister-hood of women.

Upcoming Circles

New Moon in Capricorn

Sunday, January 14th 
2:30-4:30 PM
Counter Balance Therapy  
214 Pauls Drive 
Brandon FL 33511
Please Bring:
A journal & pen  
An open heart

This Wild Woman Circle we will explore what it means to be embodied. We spend so much of our lives outside of our bodies, but what does it feel like to live inside our bodies? We will work on setting intensions for this new year and taking steps to live a more embodied life. Dress comfortably, there will be a gentle yoga/movement practice. 

What happens at a Wild Woman Circle?

Wild Woman Circles are held around the new moon each month. Each circle is a bit different due to the theme of the month, but all circles have a general flow to them. 

We begin circle by introducing ourselves, drawing a Goddess Card and settling in. Then I will introduce the theme of the month. Each new moon rises and passes through one of the 12 zodiac signs. The theme each month revolves around the specific zodiac sign that the new moon is in during that month. 

I then lead my circlers through a visualization, which is a form of guided meditation. After, we spend some time journalling what we discovered within ourselves during the visualization. We share our take-aways from the experience. 

Then we move to the "ritual", which may sound daunting, but it is usually a craft of some sort, yoga practice, writing or movement practice. Basically it is a way to put what we have learned through our minds into a physical practice. We then take time to set an intension or goal for the coming month. 

Throughout the circle, we take time to share what we have learned, and gained, as well as spend some time getting to know one another. 

Wild Woman circles are powerful and most of all FUN. My goal is to create a safe space for women to be heard, and to experience something meaningful. I want women to tap into their divine feminine and learn how to use their power to propel their lives forward! 

If this intrigues you, listen to your intuition, and please join us! 

If this intrigues you, even a little, you may be hearing the call…
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This is part of the Wild Woman Project: www.thewildwomanproject.com